General Information




6:30 am - 6:00 pm


Why is the Y the best choice for your child?  

We exceed the staff to child ratios required by the state.

Infant (Us 1:5, State 1:6)

Crawler (Us 1:6, State 1:6)

Toddlers (Us 1:7, State 1:8)

2 Year Olds (Us 1:10, State 1:10)

3 Year Olds (Us 1:15, State 1:15)

Your child can participate in Y programs such as gymnastics (at an additional cost to child care) while you are at work. We will take them to class! The Y has Lead Teachers who are committed to learning more by attending trainings year round. We have many Lead Teachers who have been with us for more than 3 years. The Y Child Care is committed to making your child school ready and socially ready with the assistance of a learning curriculum.

We believe in the mission of the Y and practice the values of the Y which are caring, respect, responsibility, and honesty.

Room Descriptions



Infant: $110.00 per week

Crawler: $110.00 per week

Toddlers: $110.00 per week

2 Year Olds: $105.00 per week

3 Year Olds: $105.00 per week


Statement of Purpose

To provide quality care for children regardless of socioeconomic status


To support and strengthen the family unit focusing on:

  • Improving communication among family members
  • Increasing kids' ability to work and play together
  • Helping families share their values with each other
  • Increasing their sense of community with other families


To help children develop to their fullest potential focusing on:

  • Creating an atmosphere which provides loving and understanding
  • Self-awareness, confidence, and feelings of self-worth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Academic achievement
  • Gross motor skills and fine motor skills
  • Health and nutrition


To deliver the program in a positive YMCA environment of safety, support, and care focusing on:

  • Having all children safe and happy in the program
  • Broadening community, national, and world understanding of children and parents including experiences that foster exposure to ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Conducting the program in accordance with YMCA principles



"Building Blocks"

Building Blocks is a teacher-created curriculum centered on educational fundamentals. Each month, children will focus on specific letters, colors, shapes, themes, numbers, etc. Children will participate in a variety of activities pertaining to specific monthly topics, including having classroom educational visitors. This curriculum, supervised by the Early Childhood Care Director, will provide each student with the the "building blocks" needed for entrance into Georgia Pre-K.

In addition to learning educational fundamentals, the "Building Blocks" curriculum will give your child a strong Christian foundation by focusing on one Bible verse each week.