Gymnastics is a fun sport for everyone! Our gymnastics program offers classes for children ages one and older. Progression through the program is based on an evaluation of skills performed by the highly certified gymnastics staff. The program has produced State, Regional, Eastern National, Junior Olympic and YMCA National Championship qualifiers and champions at the competitive level.

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August - December 2018 Class Schedule and Fees


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Pre-school classes: ages 1-3

Our Pre-School classes give toddlers a head start in fitness and social development.  Through the help of our staff, you can teach your child to explore the world around him in new and exciting ways. Children are developing rapidly during these first years, and early development stimulates learning skills. Your child may roll down a padded incline, swing on tiny bars, possibly stop to try out the hula hoops then it’s off to the trampoline or the ever popular foam “pit!" Learning through FUN is the goal of our preschool classes. Our professionally structured program is designed to develop motor and social skills. In addition to gymnastics, students are exposed to basic skills used in soccer, tennis, football, golf and more. By exposing your child to a variety of skills, we are laying the base for a positive athletic future, no matter what the sport. Your child will also learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, and cooperation, which are quite valuable for someone looking ahead to Kindergarten!


Progressive Classes: Ages 4 & up

These classes are designed for boys & girls to work on the development of gymnastics and hand/eye coordination with more emphasis on correct technique and overall fitness. Students learn gymnastics and fitness skills on all Olympic apparatus plus Tumble-Trak and pit. They are also encouraged with praise to develop their listening skills, to follow directions, and use their imaginations. A lot of smiles and a little sweat is our goal! It’s great exercise for school-aged kids, and it’s a lot of FUN too! (Participants are grouped based on skill levels as defined by USA Gymnastics.) Participants must pass Beginners Skills class to attend Intermediate and Advanced classes. 



Pre-Team is for advanced level girls ages 5 and older. Gymnasts must tryout and be chosen by members of the professional gymnastics staff. The team practices two days a week year round. USA gymnastics routines are taught in preparation for advancement to competition level.


Team Levels 2 - 10

Team levels 2 - 10 is a competitive group of girls who have advanced from skills. The team practices 3 to 4 days per week year round. USA gymnastics routines are taught and emphasis is placed on quality competitive training, good sportsmanship, friendship, dedication, and fun. These gymnasts travel throughout the southeast and compete in local, state, regional, and national competitions.


Classes: All fees are due by the last day of each month. After the last day of each month, a $5 late charge will be applied to all class fees. You may sign up at any time during the month and fees are prorated.

Team: All fees are due by the last day of the month. A $10 late fee will apply.


Your child is allowed one class make up per month. Make-ups are offered during any regularly scheduled class of the same level and must be scheduled in advance with your teacher.


Classes may be observed at anytime during the month. All visitors are asked to sit quietly in the balcony. Any interruptions could result in serious injury for gymnasts.