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The Y is more than just a gym. Our focus in healthy living allows us to offer resources and guidance to help children, adults and families in our community maintain or improve their physical activity, health and wellness.

Y Wellness Coaches are available to answer your wellness questions, provide instruction on how to use the equipment and design a safe, effective exercise routine. Complimentary wellness orientations may be scheduled at any time. Free Child Watch is available to our members as well. 


Personal Training

Invest in yourself and receive one-on-one attention with a personal trainer or gather a group of 2-5 of your closest friends to exercise with. Small Group Training must have a minimum of 3 people for the session to take place. Personal training packages can be purchased at the member service desk.

Personal Training Packages: (6) 1-hour sessions - $120 or (12) 1-hour sessions - $220

Small Group Training Packages: (6) 1-hour sessions - $50 per person or (12) 1-hour sessions - $90 per person



The Y-Fit method of training increases aerobic capacity, muscular strength, endurance and power using a combination of basic weightlifting, running, plyometrics, body weight, metabolic training and functional movements, blended into an intense interval workout. This challenging workout is constantly varied and scalable to athletes of all fitness levels. The Y-Fit instructor is Luis Vargas.

Starting May 1

Luis Vargas is now adding Tuesday classes to the schedule. We are also adding a Saturday class at your request. This class will be very barbell intensive and will focus on building strength, proper movement patterns and proper body mechanics.

Class times: 5:30 am, 6:15 am, 8:00 am, and 9:30 am (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)


5:30 pm (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday)

5:30 am, 6:15 am, 8:00 am, 9:30 am., and 5:30 pm (Tuesday)

9:00 am (Saturday)


Member Rate: $50 per person per month (With all class times included. An opportunity at 5 training sessions in one week!)


We are opening to the public!

Potential Member: $80 per person per month

(Potential members do not receive member benefits)


Ironman Challenge

Spice up your workout during the month of May with the ultimate cross-training program! You will have 30 days to log 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking (cycling classes included), and 26.2 miles running/walking.

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Special Events

Moultrie YMCA 2017 Superhero Dash

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Rules to Exercise By

*While the Wellness Center is primarily an adult member privilege, youth ages 10-15 can gain access to the Wellness Center after completion of Youth Fit 101 and orientation.